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How effective is your ground transportation policy?

Taxi, train, rental car, Uber or public transport? Is your program as cost effective as it can be? Do you know what your travelers need and prefer?


CWT research has revealed that 49% of travelers are unaware of their company’s travel policy on ground transportation. This cost often represents 7-10% of total trip cost but few travel managers communicate it well, if at all.


CWT gives you some insights that could help you along the way. 


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Why travel managers & need data

It is easy to fall into the trap of being obsessed with data. But it isn’t about the data itself. It's about how travel managers can use that information to improve the efficiency of travel programs to the benefit of both the company and the traveler.

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The future of payment is here with virtual cards

Traditional credit cards are more and more accompanied with risks and inefficiencies. With virtual payments, companies can pay for their travel centrally and achieve greater flexibility.


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How can changing travelers’ behavior reduce travel spend?

Uncover new ways to influence the behavior of travelers and recapture significant missed savings that can make a big difference to your bottom line.


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Driving Success in Strategic Meetings Management

Discover unique global insights into how to set up and grow a successful SMM program based on practical advice from experts in the field.
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Gender differences in booking business travel

Discover how the booking behavior varies with traveler's gender, age, or travel frequency, and what the financial impact is for companies.
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A quantitative look at the Bleisure phenomenon

Discover how bleisure trends can be measured and how they depend on the traveler’s demographic segment and the origin-destination city pair.

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